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[IP] High # of kids w/d & pumps in school

Hi all,

Yesterday was Eves first day back to school. Eve found out that out of the
1,050 students at her school there are 7 kids with diabetes. Does that sound

The reason that Im posting is that 4, YES 4, of them have pumps. Thats
more than half. I think that this is great. Last year Eve talked to one of
the girls mom about her pump and now that girl has one.

Also, the nurse from last year is still there and this nurse also has type
1. She will stand up for these kids and she has talked to the staff about
letting them test in class and having snacks when they need them. The nurse
also has talked about running a support group for these kids.

Its wonderful to see so many kids on pumps.

Deborah mom to Eve 14, and her pump Zoe
Dxed 5/3/96 pumping 5/21/99
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