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RE: [IP] what do you take for a cold?

Vitamin C definitely.

Don't take tablet form though.  Those take longer to absorb into your blood
stream and you don't get the full amt.

I normally take 1000 mg a day via chewable tablets (and don't forget to
count the carbs in them!) :)

But if I do by chance get a cold which is very rare, either I take 1000 gr.
in the AM and 1000 in the PM OR  I buy the powdered Vitamin C.  You mix this
in juice or something and drink it....a hint, put sm. amt. of water in a
coffee mug and microwave it and then put powder in so it mixes well and then
put some in juice and drink.

Goes right into blood stream and within two days, you're up and feeling

Hope you're feeling well soon! :)
Kathy Bruckmeyer
email @ redacted
diab 35 yrs pumping 12/00
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