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Re: [IP] Faking it? {WAS: Looking for motivation}

> I find that when people tell you you are faking it
> it is for 1 of a few 
> reasons. 
> 1. they are jealous you are not as sick as them
> 2. they do not know what to expect from the disease
> and think you should be 
> bedridden because you have a disease
> or 3. they are intimidated, scared and dont know
> what the disease is about.

I also find that people have a tendency to pigeonhole
others to make themselves feel more comfortable. I
think it's just human nature really, to fear the
unknown and to try to compartmentalize things.
Unfortunately, as a result of this. people don't take
diabetes very seriously because they hear that "as
long as it's under control" it's a manageable disease,
filed away with athlete's foot and halitosis. When
someone asks me if I have good control, I ask them
specifically what they mean, and most of the time what
they mean is "does your blood sugar ever go over
These people (as do we all) require education, but
sometimes we're just to tired to give it. That's one
reason why this site is so great. The point of
departure in any conversation I have here is - OK,
this disease really gets me down sometimes but here's
how I'm educating myself and working it into my life. 
I hope those of you who work with people who don't
take diabetes seriously have someone (if not IP) who's
learned in the logistics of it, and who will take time
to listen intelligently and help you trouble-shoot.

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