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Re: [IP] Faking it? {WAS: Looking for motivation}

YES I get people saying oh your faking it because I have cystic fibrosis as 
well as diabetes. CF is a disease that makes you sick ( your lungs, and 
digestive system)> I do not look sick, I do not take many meds ( only enzymes 
and vitamins) and i dont do what "sick CFers do". 
I find that when people tell you you are faking it it is for 1 of a few 
1. they are jealous you are not as sick as them
2. they do not know what to expect from the disease and think you should be 
bedridden because you have a disease
or 3. they are intimidated, scared and dont know what the disease is about.
i know how you feel and I am sorry you have to go through this. All of us 
here know how you feel and we would never call you a  fake! WEll at least I 
love jennifer 
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