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Re: [IP] Looking for motivation

on 9/5/01 8:38 AM, Annie B at email @ redacted wrote:

> Are there any diabetics out there who go through this
> stage of depression.  No energy,could sleep my life
> away, no motivation your just kind of there??  I have
> tried vitamins and my doctor wants to put me on
> something for depression like Paxil etc... I don't
> want to take something like that but man I need to get
> out of this slump.
> Help!!!!!
> Annie
> Annie,
I am going through the exact same thing.  My husband and I owned a business
together for twenty years and he was offered a job he couldn't refuse...I
can't run the business without him so I am left with A LOT of time on my
hands, plus he has a long commute so I never get to see him.

Two weeks ago my doc prescribed Celexa.  The pharmacist told me I would feel
jittery and like having 20 cups of coffee.  The first week was AWFUL.  I
didn't know if I could continue.  I stuck with it and it is better, but I am
still  really shakey.  Is this normal?  Also how long does it take to start
working?  I can barely drag myself out of bed each morning.  Annie, I really
didn't want to start meds but I could'nt get out of the slump.  You may want
to reconsider.

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