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Re: [IP] paramedics and lows

> Someone correct me if I am wrong, but it seems to me that IV glucose
> would be preferred over glucagon, IF AVAILABLE (via paramedics,
> nurse or doc etc.), in ALL diabetic patents, pumpers and injection
> users.
> The IV is sugar fed directly into the blood, the other, glucagon, is
> a hormone causing a reaction. I should think the glucose would be
> quicker, more reliable and cause less stress.

IV glucose can only be administered in fairly low doses. The glucose 
damages blood vessels if the concetration is too high. This is one of 
the reasons it is so hard to keep people alive that cannot eat. IV 
feeding just doesn't work very well. The FASTEST way to get glucose 
into the system is via oral glucose including glucose gel applied 
directly to mucous membrane. It works remarkably quickly.
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