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Re: [IP] Looking for motivation

I am in a depression also with anxiety. I am on Effexor and Buspar for them.
My doctor told me that it is not unusual for people with long term illnesses
to fall into depression. Besides the medication, I try to not think about
the diabetes very much. I concentrate on my cats, my family, and my nieces.
I also take a lot of pictures. When I am looking for the perfect picture to
take, I am concentrating on the beauty of nature instead of my on health
problems. Never let it be said that nature is not a good cure for things.
Where I live, I have a cliff not too far from my house. I have this perfect
rock that is actually quite comfy. I go there and sit on it, close my eyes
and just *listen* to everything around me. It has worked several times to
calm me down. Of course, this is not for everyone, but it has worked for me.
Don't worry, eventually things will start looking better!
Take care!

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> Are there any diabetics out there who go through this
> stage of depression.  No energy,could sleep my life
> away, no motivation your just kind of there??  I have
> tried vitamins and my doctor wants to put me on
> something for depression like Paxil etc... I don't
> want to take something like that but man I need to get
> out of this slump.
> Help!!!!!
> Annie
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