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Re: [IP] what do you take for a cold?

--- Julie Britt <email @ redacted> wrote:
> When you get a cold (cough, runny nose, headache,
> congestion, stuffy nose, 
> aches, yucky stuff in your throat, etc.) what cold
> medecines do you take for 
> daytime/nightime?  

I just complain until it passes

  Also, what about
> vitamins, minerals, or 
> herbal supplements?  

I don't generally take vitamins, but when I have a
cold I've taken: Well-Max (combo of C, Zinc,
echinacea, garlic), straight echinacea plus 2,000 mg
of C a day. I also breathe steam over a pot of boiling
water to keep my sinuses open to ward off infections
like bronchitis. 
My new favorite thing is this powder you mix with
water called Emergen-C. It tastes like hell, but like
most remedies really works if taken at the onset of a
I'm curious to hear what other folks do.

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