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In a message dated 9/4/01 9:14:51 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< Has anyone heard of negatives or positives of Splenda?  Have you had the
 experience that sweet n low or equal hurt neuropathy?  I am not a water
 drinker.....it makes me almost gag, but I do drink it, but I love crystal
 light, which is nutra sweet.
 O would love to hear some good solid facts and not the BS from all the
 naturopaths that I am going to die or whatever they claim.

As Claire was dx at age 2, I had to think pretty carefully about how we would 
handle her disease.  I met one nurse at the hospital who just forbid anything 
sweet to her child, including artificial sweeteners.  But with two older 
children I knew this route would be impossible for our family.  

But I also worried about over-use of sweeteners.  So my boys have kool-aid 
with regular sugar and Claire has her own jug, made with Splenda.  We use 
Splenda a fair bit, and I have never read anything negative about it.  
Someone will no doubt fill you in on the science behind Splenda--something 
about it being a derivative of sugar minus or plus a molecule or 
something--I'm no scientist!!  Because so many commercial products are made 
with Aspartame and Ace-K, Claire doesn't exclusively use just one type of 
sweetener, which might prove to be safer in the long run.   But no one knows 
for sure at this time.  

I don't let her have saccarin (sp?) or cyclamates--both of which are still 
widely used in prepared products in the UK, by ALL children.   Tooth decay is 
a big problem there with children  (no fluoride in the water in most places) 
and parents try to keep sugar consumption down in drinks.  

Barbara, Mum of Claire 7 
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