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[IP] Re: paramedics and lows

OY! Talk about incentive to keep the bgs in line. ;) Can 
you imagine? 
Too bad you can't just shoot a little sugar water sub-q. 

Take care, Kerri
http://www.geocities.com/southard8/photos12.html - meet 
Charles, born at home, 3/22/01, 11 lbs 21 1/2"

James said:
Yeah, Ol' Glucagon has made me ill a couple of times 
really, really
nauseated..but to me the absolute last resort is the "Karo 
It's a fact, read about it in one of my books.
Geeeeez can you imagine what the after effects of that must 
be? With 
this one you choke to death AFTER you wake up and they tell 
you what 
was done. -James
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