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Re: [IP] paramedics and lows

Or what the EMT told me the last time I woke up with my right arm 
turning cold and 3 strange men standing around the bed.

"Back when I worked in North Dakota as a first responder, none of us 
were paramedics, and so we couldn't give IVs.  That's why we always 
carried candy canes on the rig.  We'd administer them to diabetics 
rectally.  They always came around fast that way -- sometimes even 
faster that on the dextrose."

That was the last time they ever got called on me.

That was pre-pump, and many years ago.  Fortunately, I haven't needed 
them since.


>email @ redacted writes:
>>  is the "Karo syrup enema".
>>  It's a fact, read about it in one of my books.
>Are you serious or are you being facetious?  Do you really mean you put the
>Karo up your ummmmm....butt?  OUCH!


                            email @ redacted
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