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[IP] sweeteners

I know this is a highly debateable topic, but I am not looking for debate.
I just want to hear people's knowledge and experiences regarding sweeteners.
I stopped using sweet n low and equal a long time ago because 1.  I heard it
was bad for diabetic nerve damage 2.  It was too sweet and too bitter of an
aftertaste 3.  I heard it caused cancer and many other health problems.  I
started to use Splenda, which I like very much and doesn;t adversely effect
my blood sugars.
Has anyone heard of negatives or positives of Splenda?  Have you had the
experience that sweet n low or equal hurt neuropathy?  I am not a water
drinker.....it makes me almost gag, but I do drink it, but I love crystal
light, which is nutra sweet.
O would love to hear some good solid facts and not the BS from all the
naturopaths that I am going to die or whatever they claim.
Thanks ;)
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