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[IP] Cannula's

Well, I have just had a new one done to me.   I have purchased my 
supplies from MM for 6 years!  

I have begged minimed to sell the little silhouette cannulas 
separately because I have site problems.  That is, lots of skin area, 
but having been poked 3-5 times a day for many years, I have lots 
of areas that simply are not good for absorption of insulin.   
Therefore I go through lots of cannulas, trying to get a good site.   
Often, when it is time to change sites I may have to use up 3 

Well, I have had a particularly tough time lately and am down to my 
last few cannulas.  I did receive 5 boxes of combos about the first 
of July.  So my average breaks down to about using a new cannula 
every day and a half.   Divide 66 days by 50 cannulas.   I actually 
use 2 or 3 with each site change, and then don't use a new one til 
the next site change.  Unless one hurts, pulls out, or some other 
exceptional event.

Blue Cross has told my doctor that I cannot have any more 
because I am apparently using them every 7-8 hours and they will 
not pay for them.    My doc has said I have to have them...they 
said I can't.     Calls are going back and forth like crazy.  I just 
figured out that they made an error in their math - for one thing.   
My doc will be calling me sometime today...this is crazy.   
And yes I will ask BCBS how they can practice medicine without a 
license.   Geez,,,,

I asked the nurse, to tell me how to go off the pump, and she said 
wait till I talk with your doc again. 

Sorry, I am letting off steam here!!  
Bonnie Richardson
Huntsville, AL 
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