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Re: [IP] puppy ate my tubing!!

Julie says,
>Well, last
>night she chewed right through my tubing!  Then she started gnawing on my
>pump!  (all those toys and she picks the new $6000 medical equipment to 

Julie...I read your story with interest because my family raises Alaskan 
Malamutes and beagles, and we currently have three beagle babies who sleep 
in the house at night:)  (two seven month old boys and a nine month old 
girl)  There is a spray that you could spray on the tubing called "Bitter 
Apple," usually found at places like PetSmart or Pet Supplies Plus.  I do 
not think this would affect the tubing, but I would hesitate before spraying 
it on your pump...I don't think it is meant to be sprayed with this stuff!  
I have not yet had a dog attempt to chew my pump or tubing while asleep, but 
that might just be luck:)  I guess that I would recommend using the short 
length of tubing and keeping your pump attached to your pj's...that way you 
can feel if the puppy is suddenly playing with your equipment.  Tricia

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