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[IP] Re: Stem Cell research

 >> Please folks, this topic has been moved to the Spirit list. It is no
 >> longer available on the regular IP lists. If you would like
 >> to discuss
 >> this further, and are not a member of the Spirit list, please write
 >> HELP@insulin-pumpers.org , and ask that you be subbed to the
 >> spirit list.
 > Can I ask for some clarification? I understand discussion of moral or
 > ethical aspects of stem cell research being moved to the IP Spirit list.
 > Are posts about facts, and discussion of those facts to be avoided here and
 > imited to the IP Spirit list?
 > Just asking . . .
 > Jim Handsfield

Yes, although it would seem that 'spirit' would be limited to things that 
were not provable, such as religion and politics.  There is a limitation on 
the facts that are open to discussion here.  This list is solely for 
discussion of the mechanics of pumping (carbs, basal/bolus rates, static, 
etc.).  Some subjects bring about such intense emotions that many will 
threaten to quit, or even quit, because they can not tolerate such discussions.

With the huge number of new members that are constantly joining, we can 
expect to see questions on this subject over and over and over...., unless 
the new listmates are informed of these unacceptable topics.

Jack email @ redacted
Please watch for the missing, especially my son.
The pure and simple truth is rarely pure and never simple.
  - Oscar 
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