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<< Subject: [IP] baby question >>

Julie, my experience is similar to the others reported here in response to 
you. I had the problem with my first child not knowing how to suck properly 
and she was only a week early.  My second  was a worse case, but what I was 
told is that if the lungs are not properly developed at birth then they tire 
very easily and thus won't eat properly.. The sucking motion serves two 
purposes it feeds them (obvious) but it also works the lungs into better 

My son (second child) was nine pounds five weeks early and was on a 
respirator for five weeks. He now shows no sign of lung disorders. At birth 
he also had an enlarged heart which was also attributed to child of IDDM. The 
heart problem resolved before age 2. He was on Digoxen until then to control 
the rapid heartbeat.  My daughter was 8.5 and has very bad asthma that was 
finally diagnosed at age 10. From the time she was born I was always 
concerned that she had a rather large spot on her chest that was not 
developed properly (caved in look). I believe that she in fact had resp. 
problems that were not properly diagnosed at birth and have contributed to 
her breathing problems that developed. 

Of course my kids are now 22 and 19  medicine has progressed a great deal.

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