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Sent: Tuesday, September 04, 2001 10:19 AM
To: email @ redacted
Subject: hi there can you help?

I'm a member of the insulin_pumpers,I wear the 508 but I'm having highs why if
I bolus the numbers I eat or is it because I'm a little over weight,I start
gaining weight when I got the pump in May and I don't know how to take it of,
in my work I sit for 12 hours a day and I work from 3pm to 3 am so I get home
and sleep real tried my body is not the same since I have the diabetes, in
December I when in to coma this is no fun I woke up in ICU the frist thing I
told the nurse what am i doing here she told me I had a diabete coma with a
ugar of 1100 they say I was lucky to be alife when I when home I was taking 4
shots a day sometimes 5 ,so I when to a diabete expo that is hwre I saw the
minimed pump and athere's too but the minimed got my atentionI apply for in
March and in May I had it, I got the pump for a reason to work two jobs so I
could pay my bills of because with the coma I felt behind on everything but my
body is not the same, my body gets tried after 8 or 10 hours working it, I'm
still in my job reason my Insurance that is the only reason but I think or
know I'm killing my self working all those hours the total of hours I work are
56 and there are tring to make it so we can work 72hours a week so I really
don't know what to do ?
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