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: [IP] Is anyone on Avandia?

< Date: Thu, 30 Aug 2001 21:51:25 EDT
< From: email @ redacted
< Subject: Re: [IP] Is anyone on Avandia?
< Then perhaps it is the difference between endogenous insulin and an
< insulin analog. Be that as it may, if it has been found that people who
< insulin and Avandia have a high risk of cardiac disease (which it has),
< I ain't gonna take Avandia. I'm already at higher risk because I'm type 2.
< keep my BGs, blood pressure and lipids under control to lower my risks and
< I'm not going to then take Avandia to *add* back to that risk. There are
< other orals that reduce insulin resistance, including metformin which, as
< as I know, is safe to use with insulin. Plus, both Avandia and Actos
< in a weight gain of about 20 pounds. I don't wanna go there, either.

< You can intellectualize all you want about everybody having insulin in
< bodies and you may not have much faith in the FDA. I'll tell you that I
< more faith in the FDA than I do in a company that's making a profit off
< products.

< Jan and Elvis

Well, some of these oral agents are being hyped by their sa;es people as
good for one. they are said to reduce lipids, etc. on he other hand, its no
accident or design by chance that puts the pancreas in a position so its
blood needs to go thru the liver. It has been shown in lots of experiments
that insulin is destroyed in the liver pretty much and doesn't really get
into the peripheral circulation to a great extent. the reason for low lipids
is low insulin. type 2 diabetics make too much insulin and the liver doesn't
know how to deal with it so lipids go up, coronary artery disease is
increased and you have a heart attack. The process is more complex but in an
oversimplification this is what happens. type 1 diabetics do not have a way
to insure that their insulin always goes thru the liver first. putting the
pump  site below the nipple line does have advantages. A good friend of mine
used to say Insulin is poison when he saw me take a dose. well he was right
but what options do I have I asked him. His answer was eat nothing: The
Allen Diet: No food whiskey for high bs, keep drinking water. Avandia
unmasks Insulin receptors, the body makes more insulin in type 2 diabetes.
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