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[IP] Re: eye laser

 > I have read explanations about high bg's after exercise but still do not
 > totally understand it. We
 > walked for about two hours at a high altitude and all I had eaten for
 > breakfast was a roll and coffee, as usual. Only after that walk, my sugar
 > went up to slightly over 400. I never have sugars that high and exercise
 > regularly at home with usual lowering of bg. I changed my set and later in
 > the day bg went down to 36 when we went for a mountain bike after lunch.

It appears there may be a couple possibilities, or a combination of 
several.  What was your bg before the walk?  If low, you may have had a 
rebound and then gone high.  If mine is > 180 it will go up, while < 180 
(or so) and it will go down.  I have learned to check before I exercise and 
don't work out until I am where I should be.  Your site may have been bad, 
causing the high, especially because when you changed your set it lowered 
so quickly.

I have been trying to check before and after my work out.  I can now plan 
better because I know what the same level has done in the past and can 
adjust better.

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