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[IP] Re: Carpal tunnel


I did everything exactly the way I was supposed to.  I was on antibiotics -
they gave me IV antibiotics before they ever did the surgery even.

That seems to be the only (knocking LOUDLY on wood) side effect I seem to have
of the diabetes - infections from the least little thing.  I kept my thumb
clean and dry and cleaned it and used neosporin and the whole 9 yards.  The
only reason they could find for it getting infected was "You're a diabetic."

As I said - I am constantly getting infections in cuts - no matter how clean I
keep it or what I put on it.  (The only thing I can remember I DIDN'T get an
infection in - was the incision from my c-section - but I spent 3 days in the
hospital afterward on IV antibiotics 4 times a day - and then came home on
antibiotics 4 times a day for another week).  Just seems to be a nasty side
effect to the diabetes.  So, actually, I agree with the doctor.  I don't want
the surgery, unless I absolutely have to!!

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