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[IP] Re: baby question

My son was 7--1/2 weeks early and spent 5-1/2 weeks in the NICU.  The last 3
of those because he wouldn't eat.  They said he had to take at least 50 cc
(not quite 2 oz.) every 3 hours by himself (NOT through the tube) before he
could come home.  Nobody mentioned my diabetes having anything to do with

I got lucky - my doctor ordered me a regular diet because of my insulin pump -
so no one said a word about anything I ate!!

I know it's not what you want to hear right now - but if you're like me -
you'll back later and realize that maybe a few days in the NICU ( I know -
it's been more than a few days now - but soon that baby will be home with you)
are actually a blessing in disguise.  Everyone kept telling me that - but I
wouldn't listen at the time!!  I wanted my baby HOME with ME!!  But actually,
after a c-section - it was kind of a help - cause I had a chance to heal
before having to deal with a new baby.  (I realized this when my sister had a
c-section and was having so much trouble getting around and taking care of her
newborn, too).

Good luck and keep us posted!!

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