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[IP] re: Skin changes @ diagnosis (was Tingling in feet)

From: email @ redacted (Barbara, mum of Claire)
<<One year later, her feet turned very hard on the soles (like an older
person's foot who walks barefoot a lot) and had white scaly marks all over
them.  Two months after that she was dx with diabetes.  Four days after
receiving insulin her feet were as soft and lovely as what you would expect
from a 2 year old.  
Now I can almost use her feet to predict what her HA1c will be....Any doctor I
mention this to looks at me like I'm crazy.  But I'm the one living with her 24
hours a day.>>
I've noticed similar, although not as extreme, changes in the soles of Luke's
feet and a correlation as well between his bg's/A1C & his skin "itchiness". 
His feet are much softer with the pump, and we used to have to put lotion on
his feet, belly & back during summer & extra in winter because the skin was so
dry & itchy.   And summer here in Austin, Texas is not usually a problem for
dry skin - just dry plants.  Since the pump we only put lotion around his old
sites.  I noticed a big change since his sugars are more often in range than
not (pumping A1C's so far are 7.2 & 7.2, which isn't fabulous, but it's better
than the high 7's-8 he had before the pump). You are the one with your child
all the time - I believe parents notice lots of changes that correlate to bg
level.  All the more reason to listen to that nagging little voice in your head
when it says that something's not right for your child!

Shelly V, mom to Luke, 6, dx'd 10/99, pumping 3/01

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