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[IP] baby question

My baby was delivered by c-section on August 23rd - the hospital stay for
me was fine.  I had no problems with my blood sugars, the highest I got
was 198 after delivery, as I was on a glucose drip.  (the thing that
frustrated me the most was having the food police tell me I couldn't eat
XYZ food because it wasn't on the diabetic diet ... another story.)

My baby is still in NICU because she's experiencing problems with eating. 
She can't finish the "required" amount at each scheduled feeding time -
she's taking 80 cc every 3 hours.  Every doctor, nurse, lacation
consultant and occupational therapist all give the same reason why she's
having this problem:  because I'M diabetic.  When we ask WHY my diabetes
affects her in this way, not one of the professionals can give us an
answer.  The response is always the same, "we don't know why, but this is
very common in babies born to IDDM mothers."  Has anyone had experience
with this problem?  Does anyone know why this happens?

Baby is only taking 3 bottle feeds a day and the rest are by tube.  Any
help or information is appreciated.



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