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[IP] hypos and numbness

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Subject: Re: [IP] hypos and numbness

Trying to get caught up on my IP mail, this one caught my eye.  I often get
numbness around my lips, tongue and the back of my throat when my blood
is rising after a serious low.  It's a good signal to me that the methods
using to bring things back up are working; now if I were just a bit more
sensitive to the downward move so I could avoid this altogether (I've got
pretty bad hypo unawareness and can't usually tell I'm hypo until I drop

In any event, this has been one of my "signals" for many years.  Anyone

Kathy Fagan
dx 10/68, pumping 12/82
- ----------------------------------------------------------
any malfunction of the brain produces these numbness symptoms. the territory
of the brain given over to the lips tongue and fingers is huge compared with
the rest of the body image. lack of glucose or oxygen will produce these
sensory symptoms. sometimes confusion is produced and one doesn't remember
the other symptoms. spot
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