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No Subject

Hi everyone!
    I survived my colonoscopy, glad I don't need to do it often. I am really
wondering if anyone has a solution to the delayed reaction of humalog? Last
night my sugar was 351, bolused 5 units, in one hour it was the same, injected
5 units, and in the middle of the night or early morning bottomed out with a
25! I need to get my husband to help me when I am that low, I have always
managed to be able to help myself but I am concerned that sometime I may not.
Slept late this am and woke up with an 85, luckily I have today off. But what
do you do when you are high before you go to sleep, and can't get it down
quickly and get some sleep? Stay up all night and wait for it to come down, or
take the risk of trying to bring it down , sleeping and take the risk of going
too low and really being in a crisis?
           Any ideas? Please respond. I do check my b.s. at least 8 times a
day, and do not seem to develop a pattern, eat almost the exact same, and try
to exercise consistently. I do really love the pump, but sometimes wonder if I
really am ever going to get to be able to eat with more flexibility and get
some consistent results, I do have the pumping insulin book.
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