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re: [IP] Question about kids with parents who are Type I

<<Does anyone here test their children's sugar levels?
That is, kids that are not diagnosed with diabetes.>>

  My father was type 1 and mom was type 2.  Because my
sister was dx w/ type 1 in her teens my parents used
to test my urine about once or twice a month when I
was pretty young.  Somehow after age 13 or 14 my mom
slacked off (which didn't bother me at all) and I
wasn't dx until I was 17 when my Dr. decided to do a
test at a random visit.  Later that day my mom took me
out of school early w/ orders from the Dr. to have me
admitted to the hospital immediately.  She was amazed
that I was still up and functioning with a bg near
  I think it is a good idea to test your kids early if
there is a family hx or diabetes.  It is better to get
them treated sooner than later.

Mystie =)

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