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[IP] My Pump died (:-<)

Last evening before bed, I looked at my pump, like I always do, but this time 
somethng was different! The screen was totally blank. I pushed the buttons 
and nothing happened. It is a MM 508 which was new in October of last year. 

I called the emergency number on the back of the pump and the customer 
support person talked me through changing the abtteries and cleaning the 
pontact points. Still, nothing!

They are sending a loaner which will arrive tomorrow. I was asked if I wanted 
to trade for a refurbished one, but I responded that I had paid for a new 
pump, so a refurbished one was out of the question. They will try to fix mine.

I am glad that I still have many syringes and a humalog pen. I thought of 
getting rid of them, but thank God I didn't.  It has been a "pain" all day 
going back to the N with the H, but I guess I will survive.

I cannot imagine why the pump died.

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