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Re: [IP] And I mess up again...(My adventure with Paramedics)-DMV

In a message dated 9/3/01 1:04:07 AM, email @ redacted writes:

<< >I would worry if you were in CA because the paramedics have to report to 
the DMV >any person passes out with an on going disease.

And your doctor has the same requirement, if told..... Catch 22 - at a time 
when something needs to be done differently...

As a nearly lifelong diabetic who has been inconvenienced by but still 
believes in the necessity of laws and regulations related to ability to 
drive, I have run into that sort of Catch 22 also.  I was referred to a 
rheumatologist a number of years ago because of my collection of joint 
problems (fingers, wrists, shoulders, hips -- anybody else ever been 
diagnosed with DISH?)  So I was asked about all sorts of problems, since 
systemic problems were being considered.  When I mentioned my eye problems, 
and particularly at that time my problems with focusing when driving at 
highway speeds, the doctor said I shouldn't be telling him things like that 
because if I did he would have to report it to DMV.  (I had actually already 
stopped driving at all for several years -- my vision got really bad after 
laser surgery -- but did want to keep a license for a wide variety of 
reasons.)  I never had any evidence he reported me, but it sure has made me 
think about mentioning vision and other problems to doctors.  One help, now 
that I am driving again (in the daytime, after always testing, but I still 
avoid those high speed roads for fear the old problems will recur), is being 
very open with my ophthalmologist and retinal specialist to be sure they 
agree I meet driving criteria and would support me if someone else should 
question it.

Linda Z
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