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Re: [IP] hypos and numbness

The reason you get cold is when you go into shock (like in insulin shock or 
any of the several types of shock) your body slows down peripheral 
circulation to shunt as much blood to the important internal organs (i.e. 
brain and heart) as possible.  That is why your body gets sweaty and clammy, 
that is a sign of shock.  When your sugar comes back up and peripheral 
circulation is restored fully, your body warms up and the sweat starts to 
evaporate which you notice as being very cold to the point of shivers (normal 
sweating is a cooling function that cools you by the evaporation of the 
sweat).  When I feel cold is when I know I can relax because my sugars are 
getting back to normal, and I do agree there is nothing you can do, not even 
emptying the hot water tank in the shower!!!

Hope this helps you understand!

aka Mouse 
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