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Hi Karen,
     I feel the same way sometimes. My wife doesn't have diabetes like your 
husband, but she sometimes gets so angry with me for letting myself fall into 
hypoglycemic reactions. Heck, I check 6 times a day mainly out of paranoia.  
I do act like a real fool when it does happen and I'm glad it's usually with 
her, but she must realize that I am not perfect.  I used to beat myself up 
about all of this, but I now realize that I am only human and their isn't 
such a thing as a perfect diabetic. After having diabetes for almost 15 years 
on the pump for almost 4, I realize how precious life really is.  
         My diabetes educator told me that diabetics have to make 
approximately 80 more decisions a day than the normal Joe. You know shall I 
eat this? how much carbs are in this? How am I feeling?  Are these the right 
shoes?  Am I too sweaty or is it just hot outside? etc., and the list goes on 
right?  This is our day to day norm, so I have reached a level in my life to 
where I know I'm doing the best that I can do to care for this condition 
until there is a cure even though I may be experiencing some of the 
complications of retinopathy.  Life is too precious just to let it waste 
away.  Aloha for now.

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