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Re: [IP] Re: a1c tests

theotherMrs.Southard <email @ redacted> wrote:

> To further confuse the a1c issue (grin) our lab does a calculated 
> a1c 
> vs a measured a1c (I think the measured a1c is the same one Jim 
> was 
> explaining. Don't ask me to repeat all the terminology - my 
> little 
> brain is taking a vacation right now. Hehe!) In other words, they 
> are 
> measuring the total glycosylation and (knowing that the a1c 
> comprises 
> X amount of the total hemoglobins) calculate the amount of 
> glycosylation of the a1c from that. (So it isn't the actual 
> amount of 
> glycosylation and therefore isn't quite as accurate as the 
> measured 
> a1c test, but close enough. It is a lot cheaper and that's why 
> our 
> lab uses it.) From what I understand, the measured a1c is the one 
> that is the "gold standard" because it is checking the actual 
> amount 
> of glycosylation. 

Actually, the hemochromatography method detects *all* glycated hemoglobin: HbA1a, HbA1b, HbA1c, and a few others.  These are then reported back as rates (percent) of the total amount of hemoglobin.  The one that is of primary interest in measuring good control is, of course, HbA1c.  But the others, in the long run, are also important factors.  So really, the most accurate lab test is both a measurement and a calculation.

Jim Handsfield
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