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[IP] RE: Maureen's post meal BG

>>Another problem can be that you are injecting into muscle
which will
absorb much slower than if into subcut. or fat...<<

This is the second time I have seen this mentioned. The
statement is incorrect. Insulin injected into muscle has a
FASTER absorption, not slower. The blood supply in the
muscles is much greater, the absorption is faster. An
injection into muscle is an option to ward off DKA when you
need to get a faster response to insulin than when injected
into subcutaneous fat.  Check with your MD on this one.  Be
careful, when making comments about physiology, please.  (I
responded to the previous incorrect information a few days
ago, but it seems to have been lost in the server problem
Michael had to deal with.)

The suggestions made about bolusing differently, or
observing which foods cause the problem are valid.  Another
option is to use a split bolus or dual wave, if you have
those features on your pump. An extended wave bolus
delivered over a half hour also works for some people
(YMMV...your milage may vary), especially if a bolus
delivered all at once causes some stinging or other
discomfort.  This can also be dependent upon the size of the
bolus, location of catheter or needle, and the quality of
absorption at the site.  It might take a bit of time, and
some trial and error, to pinpoint the exact cause and
solution.  Have the basals and boluses been tested?  it is
not unusual to need changes in both.  Our bodies are
constantly changing as we age and go through various
hormonal fluctuations.

Your MD might want to evaluate for delayed gastric emptying
problems, also.

Barbara A. Bradley, MS, RN, CDE
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