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[IP] Tape Sticking

Hi Everyone,
     I've been one of the people who have written in asking "how do you get
soft sets to stay in, but now I can tell others how we finally got Johnny's
sets to stay in good, work for the three days needed and come off easily. I
think I've used just about every hint given on this list.  This is what
works for us.
     I swab the site with IVprep, after it dries I swab skin-tac (a liquod
adhesive made by Mason Laboratories Inc. in PA) on with a q-tip and let it
get tacky for a 1/2 minute (I also put some on the wings of the set).  He
then injects the set.  After he takes out the needle, I use Johnson and
Johnson "fabric" Bandaids (which I cut the two sticky ends off the bandage
and throw the bandage part away.  I then stick the two ends together making
it look like a smaller bandaid without the middle bandage part) and apply it
over one wing and do the same with another bandaid and apply it over the
other wing. (It's best to do this ahead of time) I use the sof-tac again and
apply it over the top of the bandaids. After that I take a precut  piece of
"Hypa-fix"  tape, which has been cut into a large oval shape approximately
3" long by the 2" wide. (this tape is also a fabric type tape made by
Smith-Nephew that comes is a roll that is 2" wide by 10 Yards long). I then
apply it over all of the set and bandaids. When I apply the skin-tac to the
top of the bandaids I also apply more on the skin in the shape of the oval
I'll be putting on.  I also put a thin  piece of bandaid tape on the tubing
about one inch from where it goes into the set, to act as a safety loop more
or less.  Done!
     I found out that Johnny is allergic to Mastisol.  I had used it for
about 3 weeks (instead of the skin-tac) and the last week of using it, he
would have red welts after taking off the tape.
    NOW for taking off the set.  I use the detachol ( a liquod that is made
by the same company that makes Mastisol, Ferndale Laboratories) and squirt
it  over the outer "Hypa-Fix tape, making sure I don't get it too close to
the cannula.  I count slowly to five and start to peel it off.  It peals off
just like that. (since both tapes are fabric, they soak up the detachol
liquod)  I then apply some to the bandaids and do the same thing. I make
sure I have a  waram washcloth with soap on it ready to use to clean the
area off right away.  He's left without any red mark.
    Before, when I didn't use the liquod Detachol, trying to peel the tape
off was terrible. It seemed like it ripped off the top layer of his skin
along with the tape.
     I imagine this would work great for guys with hair on their stomach.
You wouldn't have to PULL off the tape, it would just peel off without any
     There IS an advantage to using ALL cloth tapes.  The IV3000 or any
other plastic tape didn't stick well for Johnny.  Especially when he'd sweat
or go swimming.  This method works great for both.
     I know this was long, but I hope it helps others.  Using the soft sets
are no bother at all to us anymore.
Dianne, Mom to Johnny 9
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