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Re: [IP] Quick turnaround?

Good luck.

I have bcbs and they required 4 months of blood tests, demonstrating I
was not in real good control, and then they took over 2 months to approve
the pump.  They also refused to notify MM that I had been approved, but
said they would pay when billed.  MM wouldn't send the pump until
notified by bcbs.  Catch 22.  I live in ND.


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>Subject: [IP] Quick turnaround?
>Date: Fri, 31 Aug 2001 22:22:41 EDT
>Y'all think good thoughts for me. I am a teacher in NC and the state is
>taking away all of our HMO choices. As of October 1, I will have to go
>our stellar "State Plan" with BCBS. (The plan is crap, by the way) I
>haven't started on the insulin pump yet. However, I am going to try my
>to get a pump under my present insurance (which is wonderful...pays 100%
>the pump and supplies). Hopefully, if I can get my endo office to return
>phone calls, I will get the ball rolling quickly and be pumping by the
end of
>September. Or do you think this is totally impossible?
>Matt in NC
>....no pump.....YET!
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