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[IP] Re: diff. tapes

>     I was wondering if I could get a list of the different type of tape,
> how well they work.
>     I have been using Polyskin II, and I am getting quite tired of how raw
> makes my skin. I have determined that I am allergic to the adhesive in it.
> skin gets really itchy under the tape, and I break out in welts. The welts
> stay for a good week or two, then the skin becomes really dry. I am
> cracking dry.
> Cherry

A lot of people are unaware of Smith + Nephew's Op-Site 4575 2"x3" tapes.
This is what we had when I started pumping in '83. It has a green patch at
one end which should be folded under onto itself for a grabber to make it
easily removed. I am allergic to many tapes and this one has never given me
problems. They run the same price at MiniMed as the IV-3000s. You can call
and ask for a sample. I would ask a technical person first. When I got Bluda
Sue I had called and mentioned this tape and the one I was talking to said
they carried it and would trade what I received. I told her Supplies said
they didn't carry it. She said they did and gave me the number. So, keep
asking until you get the right person. They DO have it. (~_^)

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