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[IP] hupoglycemic seizure

Last night when I got home from work, I got very busy looking after the baby.
He was fussy and had an upset tummy.  So I just didn't have time to dinner.
(It's hard to think about cooking or eating with a screaming baby in your
arms). I did eat some graham crackers and chocolate milk though.  My husband
was working late and when he got home at 2:00 AM I was unconscious with my jaw
locked.  Now, I've told him a couple of times about the glucagon kit in the
bathroom, but I think he panics and can't do it.  So of course, the paramedics
came again. So I came to covered in sweat, with an IV in my arm and three
strange men standing around the bed. And then I got lectured for fifteen
minutes about not skipping meals.  I didn't mind so much at the time because I
was fighting the embarrassment.
In fifteen years of being diabetic, I never had to have medical help for a
low.  Then I start pumping a year ago and I've had the paramedics over three
times.  God, that's embarrassing.
I know I need to test my basals by fasting.  I know I need to test more.  I
know I need to wake up at night to test... I know I need to do a lot of
things, but I'm just so tired and frustrated with it all.  According to my
blood tests my synthroid dose is at the right level, but I'm tired all the
time, I'm hot and sweaty constantly, and my hair texture seems different, less
manageable, and more comes out when I brush it.  I wonder if this means
anything?  Anybody?
I will start the procedure of fasting to test my basals in a day or so, but to
tell you the truth, I don't have much hope of straightening it out. One day a
bolus for a meal works, the next day same meal  it doesn't.  One night I drop
over night, the next I rise.

Sherry C.
>From the massive city of Bowling Green, KY
Sherry We have most of us been there and done that. are you sill using your
pregnancy basals.? and lactation can throw them off too. spot
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