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re:[IP] Question about kids with parents who are Type I

From: "Andy Johnson" <email @ redacted>
<Does anyone here test their children's sugar levels?
That is, kids that are not diagnosed with diabetes.
I have a 2 year old who sees me do it all the time, and she wants me to 
check hers.  I am a little worried to do it, for fear of a high number.>

My youngest son, Luke, has Type 1 diabetes (dx'd 10/99).  My father has
Type 2 diabetes (dx'd 1995).  Because of this, I test myself every 
couple of months fasting & post-meal, and I test my other 2 kids, who
do not have diabetes & showed negative for the Type 1 antibodies in 
the DPT trial test.  They also test themselves every summer at diabetes
camp.  Their numbers & mine are always in the range: 80-120, as

It's a scary thing to think about your child having diabetes, but now
that I know what it really means, I would want to catch it as early as
possible if either of my other kids developed it.  So we test.  They
know that's why we test, also.   Plus that way they know how to test
their brother in case he ever needs their help.

Good luck in your decision,
Shelly V, mom to Luke, 6, pumping 3/01 & to Trevor, 11 & Kate, 8

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