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Re: [IP] Re:JR Quick Serter Question

From: "Dawn Emerick" <email @ redacted>
I'm having the same problem...thought it was just me.  I push both buttons
and it releases when I let go.  Guess there must be a design flaw in these
little puppies.

We've used the QuickSets & QuickSerter since beginning of April,
on about 75 chgouts now (I stopped keeping a close count once we
got past the site issues before we mixed insulins).  We have 
2 QuickSerters & have never had an issue w/ either one - we 
push the side buttons, it pops down, and we push the top button 
to fully release.  We store them in the extended position as 
recommended, and we rotate between the 2 so we use each one 
about 1/week now.  
Shelly V, mom to Luke, 6, pumping 3/01 - MM508 + QuickSets since 4/01

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