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[IP] Re: Question about children of type 1 diabetics

I have always been concerned about my daughter developing diabetes. She has
always done what I did before my diagnosis-vomiting after eating too much
sugary foods. I tested her with my meter and her sugars were fine. I later
had the pediatrician run tests on both my children to see if they will
develop diabetes, their blood sugar was fine and the test came up negative
(I can't remember the test-is it alpha beta carotene?). My daughter, not
wanting to get sick from eating too much sugary foods, now stops after
eating so much. It is normal for kids to want to eat sweets when they are in
front of them. I haven't tested her sugar in a long time. In my family the
diabetes skipped a generation. My grandmother had type 1, my sister and I
are both type 1. I hope this skipping a generation thing is true and
possibly there will be a cure before my grandchildren are born. Just a
thought! Sharon
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