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[IP] Re: Is this a way to diagnose Carpel Tunnel?

 > I was told by a message therapist that the way to diagnose carpel
 > Tunnel to to place your forearm on a hard flat surface with the upper
 > arm at a 90 deg angle. Then attempt to raise your thumb and small
 > finger at the same time. If you can raise the thumb and small finger
 > at the same time and do it without pain; you don;t have Carpel Tunnel.
 > Anyone with and those w/o carpel Tunnel care to try this and let me know?
 > TIA.

Not me.  The doctors/surgeons tried all kinds of manipulations, but did not 
confirm it until they did some type of test that measured the response 
through the CT.  In addition, mine varied by the time of day.  In the 
morning I had to get up a half hour early to be able to button my shirt and 
it was difficult to write at school because of the pain.  At night, after 
my labor job with sledge hammers and jack hammers, there would be no 
discomfort, at all.  I could have passed that test at night, because the 
tendons, etc. loosened up with use.

I can see where a massage therapist could help, temporarily, by helping to 
loosen it up.  For my case, it would tighten up overnight anyway.  As time 
went on, it took longer and longer to be able to use my hands 
everyday.  Which is why I finally had the (successful) surgery.

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