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[IP] Re: hot tubs and testing

In a message dated 9/30/00 6:36:38 PM Central Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< ou need to get over your fear or apprehension or observance of propriety 
 whatever is holding you back from testing WHERE ever and WHEN ever you 
 need/want to.  Mama was WRONG (at least mine was...).  I do it standing up 
 the subway, waiting in line at the movie theatre, sitting at Wendys, after 
 invigorating activities in the hot tub and on the training floor at the 
 gym...I do not care what anyone says or thinks, and honestly, it is only my 
 own mother who has EVER said anytihng about it...and she wanted to know why 
 needed to make a produciton number out of it...LOL
Your postings have really encouraged me a lot Sara.  I find myself repeating, 
"Be loud, be proud, let your tubing hang out!"
I had an experience years ago where a nurse in an outpatient program i was in 
actually jumped all over me for testing my bs at the table I was going to be 
eating lunch at.   She said that handling blood in public was just as 
disgusting as handling urine would be, and I wouldn't do that would I?????   
I've hidden in bathroom stalls to test and take shots ever since.
Tonight i forgot to do it in the car and dh brought it into Crackerbarrel and 
I actually did it at the table.  No one even noticed.
That felt really free.
I look for your posts Sara, your boldness is contagious!
I like your positive attitude!
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