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Re: [IP] blood sugar fluctuations

Your comments are similar, if not identical to mine, before I started on the
MiniMed 507 pump in February last year.  It was purely by chance that I
heard about the pump and after a one month trial I just could not let it go
back even if I had to pay every last cent myself.  After years of not
feeling lows until I almost collapsed I soon began to recognise when I was
down to 60 to 70, and in such cases 5 grams of glucose brings it back into a
controllable state.  No more low/high/low episodes.  My HbA1c now averages
around 5.9. I am 67 years old and have been using insulin for over 40 years.
Prior to starting on the pump my kidneys were showing possible problems but
they are now back to normal.
Alan / Robin

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