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Re: [IP] Glucophage with a pump?

Rick said:
I've been on the pump for about 4 years. I just went to a new doctor (not 
an endocrinologist) and he wants me to go on Glucophage along with my pump. 
<snip> Is anyone else doing this? Thanks for any help. Rick


I'm a type 1 diabetic who was put on Glucophage  when I was on shots for 
several years (Humalog and Ultralente).  I'm pumping now (very recently!) 
and my endo still has me on the Glucophage.  No problems so far and it 
seems to work for me.  I've been told (by someone else) that people who go 
on the pump can sometimes eventually drop using the Glucophage altogether.

Not sure if this helps,


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