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[IP] bubbles

Hi all, long time no hear, so I have a problem.  Bubbles in my tubing.  Now
before you all say read the archives, I have to say, I have done EVERY thing
advised, and it still doesn't work all the time.  Today I have about 4
different spots in tubing where there is at least a 1/2 inch to inch long
bubble of air, and I am trying to time it to prime them out at my QR.  But I
have missed one batch so far, and have another odd question:  can I
anti-bolus?  Meaning, take my cartridge and pull that air back out of my
little tail from the QR?  I know it sounds gross, but I don't want an inch
of air, I want my insulin!  I will not try this at home, until I get advice,
but could use more advice about the bubbles, I take my bottle of insulin out
the night before, I tap out all the bubbles I see, I let my cartridge sit
upright for a while, prime all those bubbles out, tap the rest, and go.
When I am done, it looks empty of bubbles to me.  I tighten the whole set
where it needs to be tightened, to keep air from leaking in.
Thanks in advance,
Lori who is lmystified
Lori A. Willey
First Express Inc.
email @ redacted

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