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[IP] local anesthetic spray

"I sent some emails in reply to some 
people that were asking about the local anesthetic (spray) I used before 
inserting the sil on Eileen. Itīs name is Roxicaine and it looks much like 
to one dentists use on our mouth to numb before sticking that gigantic 
anesthesia needle into our mouth! I donīt know if it can be bought in the 
States, as I live in Dominican Republic. Surely, there is something similar, 
mine is over the counter, no prescription. Itīs really good but has to be 
applied at least 30-45 mins. before. "

There is a spray called ethyl chloride which can be used when inserting the 
infusion sets.  I have used this on my two year old daughter in times of 
emergency when I cannot wait the entire hour for the EMLA to work.  She 
definately feels the needle more than with the EMLA, but it takes the initial 
sting out of the pain.  It's a spray that freezes the skin, and works 
immediately.  You need to insert within five minutes of spraying it on.  It's 
an over-the -counter drug and therefore requires no prescription.  My 
pharmacist told me that this stuff has been around for quite a while as it 
was used during minor surgeries when he was is in the service many years ago. 
 It may work for some people.  It's worth a try. 

 Kelly, mom to Marley, 2yrs, dx'd 11m, pumping @19 months
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