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[IP] hot tubs and testing

Barb wrote:
> purchased a hot tub last year and we use it every evening -
> how does anyone deal with the pump and a situation like that?

unhook and hop in...Depending on how long you stay in, and how relaxing or - 
ahem - invigorating your activities whilst therein, you may or may not have 
to reconnect for a quick bolus...If I am just sitting and relaxing, I can 
stay in about 40 minutes without taking the missing bolus...any longer, and I 
will just plug back in for a few minutes and take a few tenths...

Now if you are being more PLAYFUL...you might need even have a snack before 
you get in and disconnect...tee hee...exercise of ALL sorts can lower blood 

RE: testing
> with lunchtime the one that I miss.  

you will get over THAT in a hurry, or you will find pumping a difficult task. 
 You MUST test your blood, and certainly more than 3 times a day (at least at 
first) to know if the pump is working..otherwise why bother?  I went from 1 
test a day pre pump to 10+ and still hover between 6-9 tests per day after 
7.5 years!  

You need to get over your fear or apprehension or observance of propriety or 
whatever is holding you back from testing WHERE ever and WHEN ever you 
need/want to.  Mama was WRONG (at least mine was...).  I do it standing up in 
the subway, waiting in line at the movie theatre, sitting at Wendys, after 
invigorating activities in the hot tub and on the training floor at the 
gym...I do not care what anyone says or thinks, and honestly, it is only my 
own mother who has EVER said anytihng about it...and she wanted to know why I 
needed to make a produciton number out of it...LOL

Frequent testing is what enables me to eat oreos without guilt, it is what 
allows me to sleep in til noon on Saturdays, it is what allows me to eat 
breakfast at 4 am after a night of carousing, it is what allows me to sit at 
my desk all day reading email without a break for lunch....

as Laura said I would say....BE LOUD, BE PROUD, BE BUMPY!!! (which refers to 
some people's "fear" of having a bulge or bump under their shirt and wanting 
to "hide" the pump....don't hide it!!!!  As Natalie (I think?) said, the pump 
is like a wheelchair - it sets you free from a life of confinement...use 
it...or lose it....

Sara SP
(Erm to a select few and you KNOW who you are....)
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