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[IP] bolusing into sofset

Pixie is not asking some bizarre question...If you LOOK at the little plastic 
cap that plugs INTO the sil you will see a tiny hole...  What Pixie is 
referring to is the fact that SOME of us DO inject INTO the sil, using a 
syringe.  You put on the cap, and poke the needle through the hole, into the 
little rubber thingie in the sil itself.  Why on gods earth would you want to 
do this?  Well, a CLEAR example to me is when I get a no delivery alarm, due 
to my not having filed the reservoir.  The SITE itself is perfectly good, and 
for me to get an alarm, means I have been without basal insulin for at least 
a couple of hours (IT takes about 2 units of pressure before the alarm will 
go off...2 units is 3-5 hours for me, depending on time of day), So, I take 
my trusty (often used) syringe, fill it with whatever I need to take, put on 
the little plastic cap that clips into the sil and inject through that.  

I do THIS rather than poke it in my SKIN...get it?

Now Pixie wants to know if the same type of thing can be done with a sofset, 
for whatever HER reason might be...but i cant answer cuzi dont use sof sets.

Sara/ Erm....
and presssssshhhhusussssss
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