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Re: [IP] Chocoholic

Bonnie: I hesitate to even mention my long term, successful use of 
Amitriptlyn (Sp?).  I was on 25mg for over 10 yrs. and 2 yrs. ago went to 
50mg at bedtime only.  Every now and then, I decide not to take it as I 
wonder at times if I really need it.  Invariably, I lay in bed for 30+minuets 
trying to keep my legs still.  Then, I realize I didn't take the Amitriptlyn. 
 It works for me and I am so grateful because for years I laid in bed at nite 
with the jerking, pain and general uneasiness.  I can honestly say, it never 
bothers me at night.  It does, however, give me major problems while riding 
in a car for any length of time.  Maybe I'll try taking it before going on a 
trip also.  Dah...............
Take care, hope it gets better soon.  Jackie P
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