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Re: [IP] Boluses and testing

> Most let you set the max to be bolused, I think.
> What exactly does "make my set blow out" mean?    What does "not
> mean?   I thought it was the easiest thing in the world.  What am I
> here?

I can bolus as much as I want, I have no bolus limit set in my pump. That's
no the problem at all. I don't want to bolus that much with the pump (I use
a D, it delivers insulin at warp speed and H and I don't get along well)
becuase when alot of insulin (it was worse before I started mixing with
Velosulin) goes in at once, my site hurts and then it starts bleeding into
the set, set occludes, sugars go up to 300's, and the skin under the
adhesive and around the cannula or needle swells up and stays red, hard,
sore and itchy for 4-5 days and the site goes bad. That is what I call a
"blow out".

I can break it up into mini-boluses of 2 units at a time every 5 minutes
(which is how I bolus for all my meals already) but would prefer to just do
it at once and be done with it, especially it I have to fast due to holiday
meal schedule and bolus for carbs on my plate wherever I turn. (tradition
mandates I stuff myself lke a turkey once this 24hr fast is over)

Even a liberal arts college graduate can pump, it is the easist thing in the
world. It's now second nature to me. Sometimes bolusing gets tricky tho.
Pumping *IS* the most convenient way to deal with diabetes, I love my pump,
I just don't love my skin at times:)


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