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[IP] Boluses and testing

SNIP>>>>>Sometimes I use the pen (I do this maybe once a week with a huge
meal that
would require me to bolus 8-12 units with my pump), sometimes large boluses
make my set blow out and I use the pen so I wanted to know if I could use
the set to bolus into. Normally, I bolus with the pump of course. Sometimes
it's not convenient though and is painful.<<<<<<<SNIP

I realize your mileage may vary (YMMV), but my MM pump will let me bolus 15
units at a time...because I set it that way.  Read Manual of your pump.
Most let you set the max to be bolused, I think.  Now, mind you, I think I
have only used that big amount a couple of times in 5 years when exceptional
events caused a skyrocket in bgs (read "user error").   

What exactly does "make my set blow out" mean?    What does "not convenient"
mean?   I thought it was the easiest thing in the world.  What am I missing

Now, "Painful", that is a whole different issue.   Check the archives for
that one.  It has been discussed, and even has solutions, but I can't
remember what they are. 

Lastly,  Test anywhere, anytime and often.  Call FastTake and tell them you
test 8-10 times a day and want to try their little meter.  It is small, fast
and goes anywhere.  Testing in public can be a great opportunity to educate
a lot of ignorant people walking around out there.  

Keep us posted...and Good luck!


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